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Keep food fresh for longer

Canadian made, 100% compostable beeswax wraps.

Are you looking for a way to diminish your usage of plastic wrap?

Olsen + Olsen’s reusable beeswax wrap are simple to use, washable, reusable as well as compostable.

Help preserve your food in a natural and eco-friendly way.

Preserving food is as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Crumple

Take a piece of beeswax wrap, crumple into a ball in the palm of your hand, then unfold it again to activate its adhesive properties.

Step 2: Wrap

Take your container or the food you wish to store and cover it with the wrap, moulding it until you acquire the desired shape.

Step 3: Wash & Reuse

Once you’re done with the wrap, simply wash in cold water, store, and it’s ready to reuse whenever you may need!


We help you make easy, small changes in your daily routine to create more ecological habits and thus live a greener lifestyle.

Made in Québec

Encouraging the Quebec economy is a source of pride for us. Whether in the choice of our raw materials or in that of our workforce, we are proud to promote local products and talents. 


All of our products are made from 100% compostable materials, recycled and recyclable papers, as well as vegetable inks and natural dyes. Our packaging and shipping are always 100% plastic-free.

Made with care

Olsen+Olsen products are designed by local people who work with their heart and always with care, to offer ecological and efficient alternatives. We like to believe that our values are reflected in our products.


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