Everything about cellulose biodegradable cloth

What is a cellulose cloth? 

Did you know that 3000 tons of paper towels end up in our landfills
daily? It is enormous!

This is why reusable cellulose paper towels were invented to alleviate the overconsumption of single-use items, such as conventional tea towels, sponges and paper towels. Indeed, these wipes are made from cotton and cellulose fibers (which can be found on tree bark) and they are known to be durable and eco-responsible, in addition to being super versatile when it comes to clean your dishes, counters, appliances or any other item you think about cleaning with a paper towel. It is then a great ecological alternative!

In fact, one reusable cloth is equivalent to 17 paper towel rolls. In addition to a significantly longer life, cellulose paper towels can absorb 20 times its weight in liquid. Then, unlike sponges, it dries faster, preventing the creation of bacteria that can be harmful.

How to use it?

In addition to being beautifully designed, cellulose paper towels are so easy to use!
Before starting the cleaning, run your cloth under water to soften it. Then enjoy the benefits of one of these cloths by cleaning the vast majority of surfaces that you will find at home, be it counters, granite, stainless steel and even mirrors and windows! Its high absorption capacity will also allow you to catch up small and large damage.

How to keep it in good condition?

After each use of the paper towel, your next step is as easy as rinsing it out and then letting it dry flat or hanging it over your faucet.

And to clean your new favorite kitchen accessory, just add it to your next cycle of your dishwasher or washer! However, we recommend that you do not machine dry it. To make sure it is 100% free from bacteria, it is also possible to boil it in hot water.

If properly maintained, the cellulose cloth can be used for up to 12 months. When he
gets quite worn out, you just have to compost it, since its natural composition is 100% biodegradable. So besides being a friend to the environment, he is
greatly appreciated by your wallet!

Finally, these plant-based paper towels are perfect for cleaning your
beeswax food packaging. Run them under water, easily capture the residue on the packaging, and voila! It is therefore undoubtedly a complementary and zero-waste duo to afford.