Fire Starter bag

$22 CAD

These fire starters are made of trimmings from our beeswax food wraps. The bags content is good for approximately 20 lightings.

- Perfect for quick lighting of your fireplace, BBQ, or campfire.

- Made of cotton and organic Canadian beeswax; making them non-toxic

- Easy to use under any conditions thanks to their water resistance

- Zero-waste & Biodegradable 

- Handmade in Quebec

- One 140g bag contains enough fire starters to light about 20 fires.

Just light the edge of the fire starter, place it against dry firewood, and enjoy.

Here is an excellent alternative to decrease the excessive use of disposable plastic, without compromising the quality of the brushing. On the contrary, you will discover a natural brushing, very soft and non-abrasive. The OLSEN + OLSEN brush 100% decomposable after 3 months of use. It comes in a recycled and recyclable or compostable cardboard box depending on your municipality.

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